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  Country Languages (PDF)
Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan English | Afghanistan | Cost Model
Algeria  Algeria English | Algerian | Cost Model
Angola  Angola English | Angolan | Cost Model
Argentia  Argentina English | Argentinian | Cost Model
Australia Australia English | Cost Model
Austria  Austria English | German | Cost Model
Belarus  Belarus English | Russian | Cost Model
Bolivia Bolivia English | Bolivian | Cost Model
Botswana  Botswana  English | Cost Model
Brazil Brazil English | Brazilian | Brazilian | Cost Model
Brunei  Brunei  English | Cost Model
Cameroon  Cameroon  English | Cost Model
Canada  Canada  English | French | Cost Model
Cape Verde Cape Verde English | Cape Verdean | Cost Model
Chile Chile English | Chilean | Cost Model
China China English | Chinese | Cost Model
Columbia Columbia English | Columbian | Cost Model
Costa Rica Costa Rica English | Spanish | Cost Model
Cuba Cuba English | Cuban | Cost Model
Czech Republic Czech Republic English | Czech | Cost Model
Denmark Denmark English | Danish | Cost Model
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic English | Dominican | Cost Model
East Timor East Timor English | East Timorian | Cost Model
Ecaudor Ecuador English | Equadorian | Cost Model
Egypt  Egypt  English | Egyptian | Cost Model
El Salvador El Salvador English | El Salvadorian | Cost Model
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea English | Equatorial Guinean | Cost Model
Estonia  Estonia English | Russian | Cost Model
Ethiopia Ethiopia  English | Cost Model
Finland Finland English | Finnish | Cost Model
France French English | French | Cost Model
Germany  Germany English | German | Cost Model
Ghana  Ghana  English | Cost Model
Guatemala Guatemala English | Guatemalan | Cost Model
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau English | Guinea-Bissau Portuguese | Cost
Guyana  Guyana  English | Cost Model
Honduras Honduras English | Honduran | Cost Model
Iceland Iceland English | Icelandish | Cost Model
India  India  English | Cost Model
Iraq  Iraq English | Iraqi | Cost Model
Ireland  Ireland  English | Cost Model
Israel  Israel  English | Cost Model
Italy Italy English | Italian | Cost Model
Japan Japan English | Japanese | Cost Model
Jersey Jersey English | French | Cost Model
Jodran  Jordan  English | Jordanian | Cost Model
Kenya Kenya English | Swahili | Cost Model
Latvia  Latvia English | Russian | Cost Model
Lebanon  Lebanon  English | Lebanese | Cost Model
Libya  Libya  English | Libyan | Cost Model
Lithuania  Lithuanian English | Russian | Cost Model
Malaysia Malaysia English | Malay | Cost Model
Mexico Mexico English | Mexican | Cost Model
Mongolia  Mongolia English | Mongolian | Cost Model
Morocco  Morocco  English | Moroccan | Cost Model
Mozambique Mozambique English | Mozambiquan | Cost Model
New Zealand  New Zealand  English | Cost Model
Nicaragua Nicaragua English | Nicaraguan | Cost Model
North Korea North Korean English | Korean | Cost Model
Pakistan Pakistan English | Cost Model
Panama Panama English | Panamanian | Cost Model
Paraquay Paraquay English | Paraguayan | Cost Model
Peru Peru English | Peruvian | Cost Model
Philippines Philippines English | Philippines (Chinese) | Cost Model
Poland Poland English | Polish | Cost Model
Portugal Portugal English | Portuguese | Cost Model
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico English | Puerto Rican | Cost Model
Romania Romania English | Romanian | Cost Model
Russia  Russia English | Russian | Cost Model
Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé and Príncipe English | São Toméan and Príncipe | Cost
Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia English | Saudi Arabian | Cost Model
Singapore  Singapore  English | Cost Model
South Africa South African English | Hindi | Cost Model
South Korea South Korea English | Korean | Cost Model
Spain Spain English | Spanish | Cost Model
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka English | Cost Model
Sudan  Sudan  English | Sudanese | Cost Model
Sweden Sweden English | Swedish | Cost Model
Switzerland  Switzerland English | German | Cost Model
Syria  Syria  English | Syrian | Cost Model
Taiwan Taiwan English | Taiwanese | Cost Model
Netherlands The Netherlands English | Dutch | Cost Model
Tunisia  Tunisia  English | Tunisian | Cost Model
Turkey Turkey English | Turkish | Cost Model
U.A.E U.A.E English | Arabic | Cost Model
Uganda Uganda English | Hindi | Cost Model
Uruguay Uruguay English | Uruguayan | Cost Model
USA  USA  English | Cost Model
Venezuela Venezuela English | Venezuelan | Cost Model
Vietnam Vietnam English | Vietnamese | Cost Model
Zambia  Zambia  English | Cost Model
Zimbabwe  Zimbabwe  English | Cost Model

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Master Franchising

Thank you for your interest in a Maid2Clean master franchise license.

Maid2Clean's history of consistent growth and expansion across the UK and soon to be internationally in your country is the result of sound management principles and a comprehensive business system that is difficult to compete against.

In today's economy and in the future, customers want economical solutions to their housework chores without sacrificing quality – Maid2Clean does this!

Maid2Clean offers a compelling management business model with one of the lowest initial investment requirements in the industry. A Master license franchisee needs to harness the power of the brand and grow a substantial franchise operation.

What is a Master Franchise?

A Master franchise is where a franchise business with a proven system in one country ( e.g. Maid2Clean in the UK) offers a licence to its brand in another country.

A Master franchisor steps into the role of franchisor in that country and effectively a Master Franchisor would run two entirely different businesses.

a) A Maid2Clean management franchise in the domestic cleaning sector


b) A franchise business involved with promoting, demonstrating and selling licenced territories to franchisees.

Maid2Clean Master Franchise Licenses

Have you reached the pinnacle of your career and wondered where you go from here? Maid2Clean can offer a global brand with you adding the local knowledge and relevance.

The Maid2Clean brand is recognised for service, (comma) quality and our unique method of delivering domestic cleaning services to private residences. Maid2Clean is a strong UK brand, known for expertise in offering residential customers exceptional service. Today thousands of Maid2Clean registered cleaners clean tens of thousands of households.

Considering an application for a Maid2Clean master franchise license you will have conducted your own due diligence and discovered that Maid2Clean is a successful UK brand with 100+ franchised operations in the UK, Ireland and Canada and is seeking to expand into international markets.

This is a truly unique management agency concept in the domestic cleaning sevices sector and is already a proven concept, with high profit margins and increasing customer demand. Houses gather dust no matter how the economy performs and demand for the service and franchise licenses remains strong, even in recessional times. The domestic services cleaning sector has grown exponentially over the last 20 years as more and more couples to out to work to service the life styles they desire.

Owing to many requests for our service overseas, Maid2Clean now seeks interest from master licencee applicants. To meet this continued demand we want to find the right franchise partner be it on a master licence basis. There is no cleaning involved by master license holders or the franchisees they recruit.

For simplicity purposes applications are welcomed by potential master licensees and franchisees in English speaking countries.
We are particularly interested in speaking to people in Australia (launches Q3 2010), North America, India, Hong Kong and Portugal at this time. We will consider applicants from non- English speaking countries however translation costs would need to be considered.

Who are we looking for?

Maid2Clean is actively seeking master franchisees that have the drive to succeed and proven ability, systems and financial capacity to introduce, support and grow a master franchise business in their own country.

We continuously strives to develop new and innovative value added services to both Franchisees and clients alike. As a Maid2Clean master franchisor your input to this process would be essential.

Master franchisor profile for country and regional master franchise candidates

We are not currently looking for single unit franchisees:

To Maid2Clean, the ability to use business experience is outweighs specific industry knowledge. That said master franchisor applicants must possess the following attributes:

Essential Qualities and Skills

Ideal qualities and skills

What is included in the Master Licence Package?

Maid2Clean offers the exclusive development rights to operate the Maid2Clean Franchise system in your master franchisee's country.

The master licensee will gain access to the proven Maid2Clean franchise program, which they will adapt to their country. The master franchise owner will recruit and award franchises within the geographic areas designated in their master franchise license, to individuals looking to run their own local Maid2Clean cleaning agency.

Whilst the Maid2Clean product is a unique service and therefore no major investment is needed in premises, cleaning products or liveried vehicles, the franchisee's agency business can be run from a small office or home. The franchise business can also be run from home.

Our Master Franchisees are International Master Franchise Owners. They will receive the following with their Maid2clean Master License:


The investment will be based on the size of the territory taken i.e. the number of potential Franchise licenses within the geographical Master Franchise area allocated. Fees will take the form of initial up-front payment and thereafter an on-going royalty to be agreed between Maid2Clean and the Master Franchisor.

The master franchisor will need to bear the costs of localising the franchise package including the Operations Manual. The royalty is a fixed monthly fee. We would split the initial franchise fees on each franchisee recruited 50/50, and royalties on each franchisee would be split 75/25 in the master franchisees favour.

The master franchisee would then be allowed to open or resell as many franchises as desired within the master franchise area.

Training & Support

Advantages of a Maid2Clean Master License

The Maid2Clean Master Franchise opportunity provides you with many advantages such as:

Small inventory

If you would like to discuss next steps please send your CV to Mike Hanrahan at

BFA Finalist 2012

Maid2Clean Franchise

Are you interested in becoming a Maid2Clean Franchisee? Please click here to contact us...

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Franchisee Testimonials

"Maid2Clean is without doubt the best decision I have ever made in my life and I would like to thank Elaine for giving me this fantastic opportunity and helping me along every step of the way"

"After 8 months, I now have almost 100 clients and revenue around £3000 per month. Every month grows by around 20%. There's plenty ups and downs of course but there's a great team of franchisees who meet at the conferences and freely share their experiences with each other whenever possible."

"Maid2Clean have been instrumentally committed to helping me succeed"

"Our franchisees get out of bed in the morning and live with a sense of self-worth because their Maid2Clean business is creating a secure future for them and their families."

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