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“A real business is one that will pay you whether you are there or not in the long term. Don't be taken in by promises of turnover, a business is about making money. Turnover is ‘vanity’ - profit is the only thing that counts." Mike Hanrahan (Franchisor)

Part 1: Franchise Opportunity

The Maid2Clean business system has been established for many years and the business system has been thoroughly tested and refined in to our franchise offer today. Some of the benefits of being a Maid2Clean Franchisee are listed below.

Maid2Clean's 5-phase training comprises:

1. Completion of the pre-launch To-Dos after reading the 450 page Maid2Clean operations manual.

This enables the franchisee to read about the business in advance of the training. Once a franchisee has read the operations manual the majority of the rest of the training is done by affirmation, which is one of the most powerful forms of long-term memory training.

2. Process Training at Head Office

The second phase of the training builds on the knowledge gained from phase 1, including role-play situations and Q&A type scenarios.

3. Operations Training at our Centre in Nuneaton

Augmenting the earlier phases, the knowledge is put into practice with training on the bespoke Maid2Clean Database.

4. Post Launch training at Franchisees Premises

In phase 4 the franchisee receives a visit from the franchisor where personal training is conducted on any aspect of the business that the franchisee sees fit.

5. Business consolidation follow-up training PLUS unlimited follow-up training if necessary.

Maid2Clean® publishes training sessions several months in advance and all franchisees are invited to attend any or every session. Others in the industry simply offer franchisees one-off classroom based training days. At Maid2Clean we do things differently and offer our franchisees unlimited training and ongoing support.

“Training and development is first and foremost on our agenda as we strive to remain innovative, grow our businesses and stay ahead of the competition"

Mike Hanrahan (Franchisor)

In addition to the 5-phase training programme, Maid2Clean® organises an annual training conference for all franchisees.
Something else that keeps Maid2Clean® as the company that others follow relates to the attitude of Maid2Clean® franchisees. Franchisees have taken it upon themselves each quarter, to host a business improvement day in different places in the UK specifically designed to share best practice ideas with other franchisees, such is the strength and enthusiasm for the business within of the franchise.

"I don't know of another franchise where this type of activity takes place on such a wide scale."

Mike Hanrahan (Franchisor)

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FSB Finalist - Scale-Up business of the Year 2018

FSB Finalist - Scale-Up business of the Year 2018

BFA Finalist 2012

Maid2Clean Franchise

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Franchisee Testimonials

"Maid2Clean is without doubt the best decision I have ever made in my life and I would like to thank Elaine for giving me this fantastic opportunity and helping me along every step of the way"

"After 8 months, I now have almost 100 clients and revenue around £3000 per month. Every month grows by around 20%. There's plenty ups and downs of course but there's a great team of franchisees who meet at the conferences and freely share their experiences with each other whenever possible."

"Maid2Clean have been instrumentally committed to helping me succeed"

"Our franchisees get out of bed in the morning and live with a sense of self-worth because their Maid2Clean business is creating a secure future for them and their families."

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